In Pulse Magazine This Month

Lee Krasner’s story is a very important part of an article I wrote for Pulse magazine that is on the stands this month (July-August 2017).  The article is about color and, clearly, she really had a great eye for color and for good art in general—hers and others.  I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a link to […]

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Great Art For A Great Cause

Great Art for a Great Cause – 2017 Box Art Auction to Benefit East End Hospice

It was 17 years ago that supporters of the East End Hospice first asked 100 well-known area artists to take a small, unadorned box and create a unique work of art that […]

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Pollock-Krasner Foundation Research Fellowship

What wonderful news! Press release below:


Pollock-Krasner Foundation Awards $25,000 Research Fellowship

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, a New York City-based philanthropy, has awarded $25,000 to the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center for a Research Fellowship. The recipient is Ruth Appelhof, Ph.D., the former director of Guild Hall, the East Hampton cultural center, who is researching […]

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Week Two: The American Academy in Rome

This evening we we to the beautiful Villa Auriela (pictures below) on the top of the hill where the Academy is located. It has magnificent gardens and beautiful vistas of the city and is owned by the -American Academy. Charles Ray the California artist was here to speak. His sculpture exhibition opens tomorrow. Also had […]

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Meanwhile . . . Back Home In East Hampton

This wonderful story on my book project appeared on the cover of the arts section of the East Hampton Star.

A Reunion Four Decades In the Making

By Jennifer Landes | May 25, 2017
Photo by Durell Godfrey

It might seem odd that Ruth Appelhof is currently in Rome, assembling a book proposal on the American artist Lee Krasner. […]

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How This Book Came To Life

The arts have always given me permission to explore all the fascinating variances of life, honestly and deeply. Having retired after seventeen years as the Director of Guild Hall in East Hampton, I am at the brink of a new and deeper look at the […]

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Heading To Rome

The American Academy in Rome has invited me to come over as a Visiting Scholar for the month of May. I will be in residence there with uninterrupted time to create a memoir about Lee Krasner that will offer a close, upfront look at this courageous and talented woman artist. Of course, as added incentive […]

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The Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center

The research materials at the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center are a rich resource that I am very fortunate to have so conveniently close to me–just a few miles from our house on Old Stone Highway in Springs! Thanks to the very knowledgeable Helen Harrison, the Director of […]

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Interviews With Some Greats From The Art World

My hope is to interview people who knew Lee personally or are familiar with her work and remember what kind of a woman she was and how that relates to her paintings. To date, I have spoken to many art world “notables” including Arne Glimcher, John Cheim, Barbara Rose, Ben Heller, Grace Glueck, Molly Barnes, […]

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