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Looking Back On Rome

As a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome my research took an interesting turn. Since I spent most every day in my room for 6 weeks thinking about Lee Krasner and my relationship with her, it became clear that we were very much alike. Her family didn’t really encourage her to become an […]

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Barbara Rose Visits The Academy

The celebrated art historian and critic, Barbara Rose came to visit me in Rome. I mentioned in in one of my posts when I was there but I wanted to say a bit more about how important that visit was to me. Among the many exhibitions, documentary films […]

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In Pulse Magazine This Month

Lee Krasner’s story is a very important part of an article I wrote for Pulse magazine that is on the stands this month (July-August 2017).  The article is about color and, clearly, she really had a great eye for color and for good art in general—hers and others.  I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a link to […]

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